Monday, October 6, 2008

Google Experiment

I'm messing around with a bit of a Google experiment right now. At different times and places I have maintained a personal blog, a personal website, and various code repositories. I was astonished to realize that Google offers hosting for all of these things nowadays, and much more besides. I was curious to see just how many different Google services I could actually find common use for, so I hatched a simple idea to find out. I'm going to attempt to maintain an active identity using only those services provided by Google.

At its most basic, an online personality can be established with just a blog, such as this one hosted with Blogger. However, for the purposes of maintaining longer, less time-sensitive chunks of information, a simple website can be preferable. So I have also set up a personal website using Google Sites. Because some of my projects will involve either pictures or source code, I've created a personal project on Google Code, and have set up my own account with Picasa.

You can read more about the ideas for how I can use various Google-offered services on the Experiment page itself

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